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Warning Signs of Domestic Violence


Before a person is capable of reporting domestic violence, they must acknowledge that they are being controlled or abused. It might initially be hard to notice domestic violence because after your partner hurts you, they apologize and promise that behavior will never return. If children are involved, the victim will be not only looking out for their own best interests; the victim may stay in the relationship longer, hoping to provide stability for their kids. However, the earlier you notice signs of domestic violence and take action, the safer everyone will be.

San Jose Domestic Violence Cases in 2020

When coronavirus became a concern in the United States, mass lockdowns were imposed on many. These shut downs led to many concerns, one being whether domestic violence cases would increase when people were asked to stay at home with their possibly abusive significant other. During the first month of the shelter in place restrictions put in place to help curb coronavirus, the San Jose Police Department noted a seven percent increase in domestic violence calls in comparison with the same time frame in 2019. In 2020 there were 189 cases reported while 2019 had 177 domestic violence cases in April. However, in the past year the police added six new domestic-related offenses, which may account for the jump in domestic violence cases. The original five offenses were:

  • Domestic violence restraining order violation;
  • Domestic battery;
  • Domestic violence with serious injury or weapon used;
  • Spousal rape; and
  • Domestic related disturbing the peace.

The additional offenses that were added in 2020 include:

  • Domestic criminal threats;
  • Domestic strong-armed robbery;
  • Domestic sexual assault;
  • Domestic assault with a deadly weapon;
  • Domestic vandalism; and
  • Domestic harassing phone calls.

Early Signs You Might Be Experiencing Domestic Violence

Early signs that your partner might be abusive and may be physically violent towards you in the future include when your partner:

  • Call you names;
  • Abuses animals or people other than you;
  • Gets angry after drinking or using drugs;
  • Tries to control your spending, what medicine you take, or what you wear;
  • Threatens to tell your family or friends information you would prefer kept private;
  • Blames you for their bad moods or violent tendencies;
  • Discourages you from seeing or talking with others;
  • Forces you to have sex or engage in sexual acts against your will;
  • Accuses you of being unfaithful;
  • Threatens you with a weapon or violence; and
  • More.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the presence of a gun in the household during a domestic violence incident increases the risk of homicide by at least 500 percent. It is especially important that you pay close attention to these warning signs if your partner has access to a gun or other deadly weapon.

Contact Foster Hsu, LLP If You Are Noticing Warning Signs of Domestic Violence

When it comes to domestic abuse and violence, it is prudent to listen to any unsettling early warning signs you might notice. If it seems overwhelming to take action, know that you are not alone. The trusted San Jose domestic violence attorneys of Foster Hsu, LLP are here to help protect you. Call our office at 408-841-7200 to make an appointment.





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