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San Jose Divorce Attorney

Your family are the people you see every day. They are the people you trust to support you through the most difficult parts of your life. Unfortunately, there are some situations you cannot foresee or avoid no matter the purity of your intentions.

The San Jose divorce attorneys at Foster Hsu, LLP, can help you determine what you need and how to move forward to support your family. Call 408-841-7200 to make an appointment at our San Jose office.

Compassionate Family Law Services

There is more to divorce than deciding who will get the house and other assets. After building a life together and sharing finances, it can be difficult to create a new life on a single income. Courts will often require spouses to pay support, which can include:

  • Money paid to a spouse while he or she establishes or rebuilds a career
  • Support to provide for the needs of a child

We can help you understand the factors that courts consider when setting both child and spousal support so you can plan and move forward with your separate lives.

Dealing With Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, some divorce cases involve domestic abuse. Many victims fail to take action when they are abused. If you have been abused by a loved one, it is important to understand your legal rights and how to protect yourself. Sometimes, individuals find themselves accused of perpetrating domestic abuse on a loved one. An alleged perpetrator of abuse also has legal rights and needs to understand what can be done to protect himself or herself.

It is important to talk with a lawyer right away about your case whether you are seeking a restraining order for protection or a court has ordered you to stay away from someone accusing you of abuse.

Asset Division In Divorce

It can be difficult to determine how to divide the marital estate in a divorce. Most couples own a variety of high-value assets, such as businesses or real property, and common assets like furniture. Some couples, along with traditional assets, share nontraditional assets like airline miles and bitcoin accounts.

Since California is a community property state, all of the assets accumulated during the marriage (with some exceptions) will need to be considered when dividing property.

Getting To The Next Steps With An Experienced San Jose Divorce Attorney

You will most likely have questions to ask and decisions to make as you move forward through the divorce process. A San Jose divorce attorney can help you navigate the legal system. To make an appointment, call our San Jose office at 408-841-7200 or contact us online.

We speak English and Mandarin.

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