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Monthly Archives: January 2023


Dividing Real Estate In A California Divorce

By Foster Hsu, LLP |

If you are getting divorced and own real estate — whether it is a family home, a vacation home, or rental property — it is essential to learn more about how real estate is commonly divided in a California divorce. As you may already know, California is a community property state. Accordingly, under California… Read More »

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How Are Retirement Accounts Divided In California Divorces?

By Foster Hsu, LLP |

When spouses who are getting divorced in San Jose have retirement accounts or pensions, it is important to understand that these assets usually must be distributed between the parties in a manner that is different from other types of assets. While retirement accounts and pensions will also be identified as separate property or community… Read More »

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Divorce Considerations For Business Owners

By Foster Hsu, LLP |

Anyone in the San Jose area who is planning for a divorce and owns a business should know that there are a wide range of important considerations for business owners in California divorce cases. While businesses will be classified and divided (where appropriate) like other types of property in a California divorce, there are… Read More »

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Mistakes You Can Avoid In A High Asset Divorce

By Foster Hsu, LLP |

Divorces in San Jose and throughout California are complex regardless of the amount of assets the parties own. Indeed, divorces can involve complicated disputes involving property division and spousal support regardless of the couple’s assets, as well as contentious disputes pertaining to child custody. Yet high asset divorces, also known as high net worth… Read More »

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Divorce Filings After The Holidays: What You Should Know

By Foster Hsu, LLP |

If you are considering the possibility of filing for divorce after the holiday season ends and just after the New Year, you are not alone. According to an article in Reader’s Digest, January has become the most popular month for divorce filings, with more people filing for divorce in January than in any other… Read More »

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