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Monthly Archives: December 2020


Virtual Child Visitations in the COVID-19 Era

By Foster Hsu, LLP |

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives and society, and visitation rights are no exception. For many, shelter in place orders and social distancing has become just another part of life, meaning staying in contact with your children if you’re divorced is important, yet perhaps more difficult now due to the… Read More »

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How Do I Enforce The Other Parent To Pay Child Support?

By Foster Hsu, LLP |

The court ordered the other parent to pay a specified monthly allotment for child support, but the other parent has either refused to pay, or they pay haphazardly—late and only seldomly is the payment for the full court ordered amount. What do you do? It’s not as if you can march over to the… Read More »

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How Does Debt Work During Divorce?

By Foster Hsu, LLP |

Debt, like other marital assets such as bank accounts, real property, and many personal belongings such as cars and furniture, is divided during divorce. However, not all debt is shared equally. And, some debt is not shared at all, such as debt from before the marriage or other types of non-marital debt. If you… Read More »

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Modifying a Child Support Order Due to Job Loss

By Foster Hsu, LLP |

The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in massive loss of life, and crippling debt and financial strain for millions of families. According to CNBC, 40 percent of low income families lost their jobs due to COVID. Middle income workers have also seen job loss and lower wages. This is a major problem for parents who… Read More »

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