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Monthly Archives: November 2022


Ways Of Easing Your Child Into Shared Custody In Two New Households

By Foster Hsu, LLP |

Children of all ages can struggle to adjust to two separate households after a divorce.  Feelings of insecurity can be exacerbated when both parents move on from the family home. The Bay Area is extremely expensive, and it is often difficult for either parent to retain the family home without paying high costs. Given… Read More »

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Common Myths About A Prenuptial Agreements

By Foster Hsu, LLP |

If you are getting married soon, you might have heard from friends or family members that you should consider a prenuptial agreement. Or, your soon-to-be-spouse might have suggested that you consider a prenuptial agreement. Over the years, prenuptial agreements have been stigmatized in some circumstances, and they are often misunderstood. There are many misconceptions… Read More »

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Parenting Plans And Holiday Schedules

By Foster Hsu, LLP |

Whether you are going through a divorce and you share minor children with your spouse, or you are going through a stand-alone child custody case after ending a relationship with a partner with whom you share minor children, it is important to understand how parenting plans and holiday schedules work in California. As the… Read More »

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Making A Plan For Property Division

By Foster Hsu, LLP |

Anyone who is planning for divorce in the San Jose area should know that California is a community property state. What this means is that all property acquired during the marriage is presumed to be community in nature and must be divided equally between the spouses. In order for all community assets and debts… Read More »

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Will I Be Required To Pay Taxes On Spousal Support?

By Foster Hsu, LLP |

Spousal support in California, which is also known as alimony, is a payment ordered by the court from one spouse to the other spouse. The payment is intended to help the receiving spouse pay their monthly expenses, and support can be awarded in cases involving married couples or domestic partners who have registered their… Read More »

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