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Monthly Archives: May 2022


Tips For Successful Co-Parenting After Divorce

By Foster Hsu, LLP |

When you share minor children with your ex and you will be co-parenting after a divorce or separation, it is important to learn about ways to make co-parenting successful. Co-parenting when you share child custody can be stressful, especially if you have different parenting practices and styles than your ex, or if you have… Read More »

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Talking To Kids About Divorce

By Foster Hsu, LLP |

Talking to children about divorce can be extremely difficult, regardless of whether you and your ex are on relatively amicable terms and have reached an agreement about issues concerning child custody and co-parenting. The issues that every child will face concerning divorce will depend upon the circumstances of the family, the child’s age, and… Read More »

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What Is A Gray Divorce?

By Foster Hsu, LLP |

In 2015, the term “gray divorce” entered the American lexicon with a working paper and subsequent peer-reviewed article in Research on Aging. That research was conducted by I-Fen Lin, Susan L. Brown, and Anna M. Hammersmith in the Department of Sociology at Bowling Green State University. The authors observed a shift in marriage rates… Read More »

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5 Things To Know About Prenuptial Agreements In California

By Foster Hsu, LLP |

Are you planning to get married in California? It is important to plan ahead and to consider the benefits of a prenuptial agreement. While many people assume that prenuptial agreements are only for very wealthy people or for people who are getting married later in life after acquiring assets, prenuptial agreements can be beneficial… Read More »

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What Is Community Property In A San Jose Divorce?

By Foster Hsu, LLP |

If you are getting divorced in California, you may already know that California is one of only nine community property states in the country. States that are not community property states are known as equitable distribution states, and in those states, property from the marriage is divided in an equitable manner between the spouses,… Read More »

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