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Monthly Archives: October 2021


Life Insurance And California Divorce

By Foster Hsu, LLP |

California’s community property laws state that all assets acquired by either spouse during the marriage are the property of both spouses.  These laws have been in place for decades, going back to a time when very few marriages ended in divorce, and they were originally meant to protect people who brought less wealth into… Read More »

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Stimulus Checks: Great For Kids, Not So Great For Parents Who Owe Child Support

By Foster Hsu, LLP |

The purpose of the stimulus checks issued during the COVID-19 pandemic was to help people survive the worst of the economic shutdowns intended to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.  Even before the pandemic, everyone was in debt, so if there had been a rule that creditors get first dibs on the money… Read More »

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In California, Business Debts Are Community Property

By Foster Hsu, LLP |

In theory, California’s community property laws should make divorce simple.  According to California law, when a couple gets a divorce, each spouse gets one half of the marital property.  There is still plenty of room for disagreement over the value of marital assets, whether a certain asset is marital or separate, and whether one… Read More »

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Is It Fair For The Court To Make You Go From Multiple Mansions To Zero Alimony In Four Years?

By Foster Hsu, LLP |

Unless the recipient spouse is elderly and infirm, the purpose of alimony awards is to enable the financially disadvantaged spouse to become financially self-sufficient.  The courts often award amounts low enough that they will require the recipient spouse to return to the workforce after the divorce.  Case law even tells of grannies who downsized… Read More »

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