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Uptick in the number of people seeking divorce in January

There are many people in California in unhappy relationships who may keep a sense of optimism about their and their partner’s future together. However, there comes a point in many relationships where people are forced to admit that the problems they face are insurmountable, forcing them to decide whether they should continue to live with their unhappy situation or take action to seek the next chapter of their lives. Some reports suggest that many people make the decision to seek a divorce in January.

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers claims that the number of divorce filings is one-third higher in January. Some family law professionals speculate on the reasons for this uptick. For many, the start of the new year is a time to set goals and kick bad habits that will result in a happier, healthier year. This may often include seeking a divorce for those in unhappy marriages.

For some people, the timing is a result of consideration of their children. Parents often want to ensure that children have one more holiday together as a family and to potentially eliminate custody conflicts during the holiday. Some choose January because the children are back in their routine, so any lifestyle changes might be easier for children to handle. Some choose to file at the beginning of the year due to financial considerations; for example, some people may be anticipating a large bonus later in the year that they would like excluded from property division.

Once the decision to divorce is made, some people may be eager to settle matters and begin the rest of their lives. However, decisions made in haste could have unintended consequences in the future, and they may be difficult to alter. Having an experienced professional guide them throughout the process can help those in California seeking a happier life to fully understand the implications of any decisions that they make.

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