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How Can I Make And Receive Child Support Payments?


In California, parents who share minor children from a marriage or from a relationship that has ended typically will go through a child custody case in which the court will also determine each parent’s child custody obligation. As you might already know, California uses an “income shares” model for child support, which means that the court will calculate a total child support obligation based on both parents’ combined incomes, and then it will apportion the total support obligation between the parents based on their individual incomes and other factors. As such, both parents are responsible for contributing to the total child support obligation.

When you need to pay child support to the other parent, there are multiple options for paying child support. There are also a number of options for receiving child support payments. Our San Jose child support lawyers can provide you with the information you need concerning making and receiving child support payments.

Options for Making Child Support Payments in California 

When you need to make your portion of the child support payment directly to the other party, consider paying by check or electronics funds transfer. If your case is serviced by the Department of Child Support Services, there are multiple ways that you can pay in California. All of the following are options for making payments:

  • Paying with a credit card online or by an electronic debit from your checking account or savings account, which you can do in a couple of different ways, including through the California State Disbursement Unit website, or through a third-party servicer called ExpertPay.com;
  • Paying by phone by credit card or by an electronic debit from your checking account or savings account, which you can do by calling the California State Disbursement Unit (SDU) directly at 1-866-901-3212 or calling ExpertPay at 1-800-403-0879;
  • Paying in person at your local child support agency with a credit card or by electronic debit from your checking account or savings account, which requires a location that has a kiosk at one of these locations near you ( you should check ahead of time to determine whether your local agency has a kiosk for making payments);
  • Paying with PayPal, which requires you to have a PayPal account and your Participant ID (with a maximum transaction amount of $5,000 per day);
  • Paying in cash, which you can do by going to your local child support agency, visiting a PayNearMe location (such as a 7-Eleven, Family Dollar, CVS Pharmacy, Casey’s General Store, or ACE Cash Express store), or by visiting a MoneyGram location (such as at Advance America, Albertsons, CVS Pharmacy, Raley’s/Bel Air, or Walmart); or
  • By mailing a check or money order to the State Disbursement Unit.

For parents receiving child support payments, you can receive payments through direct deposit, with an electronic payment card, or by check. If you are having trouble collecting support, a wage withholding order also known as a wage assignment or garnishment may be worth pursuing.

Contact a San Jose Child Support Lawyer

If you have any questions about paying or receiving child support, you should get in touch with an experienced attorney who can help you. One of the dedicated San Jose child support attorneys at Foster Hsu, LLP can provide you with more information today. Do not hesitate to reach out to our firm for more information.




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